Ralph Breaks the Internet, the premiere!

Thursday morning, I'm on the train to school. I get a notification from Instagram. "@pathe has mentioned you in a comment." I'm like "What? Why?". I open the notification, and there it says "Congratulations, you won tickets to the premiere of Ralph Breaks the Internet with three of your friends!" I immediately text my friends: "OMG. GUYS. I WON. I'M GOING TO THE PREMIERE OF RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET!!" And that's exactly what happened. Yesterday, the 8th of December, Amsterdam. The Dutch premiere of Ralph Breaks the Internet. And I'm here to write about the experience and the movie. Enjoy this read of what might by one of my favorite days thus far.

The experience The cinema where the premiere was held, is the biggest cinema of the Netherlands, with 14 movie theaters and 3246 seats. This is nothing like the small cinema I usually go to. It was huge. We were going in, and I saw this escalator with lights on both sides and a roun…

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